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How often do you get to really relax? 

Body massage is deep massage treatment to promote relaxation and health. Take away those stresses and strains with your therapist massaging your muscles to a relaxed state. Not surprisingly when we take away the tension in our bodies our minds normally follow with it not being unusual for clients to drift to sleep by the end of this relaxing experience.

Releasing muscle tension can help mitigate the everyday wear and tear on our system, bringing about a sense of relief and well being. Deep body massage can help through the stimulation of the immune system and help to eliminate toxins from your body. As you release your mind from pressure begin to enjoy a state of deep relaxation.

The treatments are very personal to the individual with all our therapists providing body massage being qualified sports therapists. This means they can provide an overall body massage to legs, arms, back, shoulders and neck or focus on any of these areas that need particular attention and adjust the pressure to the individual clients preference.

So why not take a little time out address your work-life balance and refresh yourself, incorporate Body Massage into your overall health programme.

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