The second step to making change and maintaining it in 2018 –

Making change and maintaining it in 2018 – the second step

So now you should have something that similar to this but with your own words and thoughts-:

Think of a something you would like to change – Improve fitness – Date 31/12/2017
Advantages Disadvantages Advantages Disadvantages
Easier to stay as is Feel fat Work more efficiently Having to plan more
More time to work More easily stressed Look better Give up TV/Chill time
Worried about my health Improve confidence
Lethargy Improve mobility
Cant do the things with children Sleep better
Less Injuries

Now on a scale of 1 to 10 where 1 is low how important to you is it to make the change? Score of

Next on the same scale how confident are you that you can make the change? Score of

Once you have finished your scores take some time to fill in the following: –

What are your Barriers to making this change
Ideas to overcome these barriers

Barriers can include all sorts of things such as people or lack of support, finance, lack of knowledge or expertise establish exactly what yours are.

Solutions can come from all over from yourself, others or simple small things like changing the way we shop to getting help from family friends or specialists

Remember the third and final step will follow shortly so look out for the last step…………………………