Our Clients & their Testimonials

Client testimonials and why they use the services of Elite Health?

Testimonials from our diverse range of clients, from all different backgrounds and age groups.

We wanted to let you hear for yourselves what our clients had to say and share some of their experiences to give some examples of how we have been of assistance to them and perhaps may be of assistance to you.

This is what our clients say:

Elite Health Client "Emma" exercising with resistance bands

Emma Robinson | Feb 2021

“I find the virtual sessions incredibly helpful for my fitness and well-being. They are easy to fit in around work and my 2-year-old daughter can watch / join in. Since lockdown, I have become very stiff and the sessions really help to build my strength, loosen my joints and improve movement and help with my weight management. I notice a big improvement in the days afterwards and it’s even more helpful during winter when going outside for activity is less frequent. I have been going to Jacqueline for a number of years and have found that I am significantly fitter and more toned thanks to the training sessions, especially after having my daughter. I highly highly highly recommend Jacqueline and her team!”

Elite Health Client "Ellie"

Ellie | Feb 2021

“My training sessions with Beth have been great for me both physically and mentally. I’m really enjoying being educated by Beth on my body and how to make small changes that will really benefit me.


I really like how every session is different and I look forward to each one. I feel my fitness is improving each week which is such a great motivation to carry on.”

Blank User Photo Avatar

Janet C Foden

“I have received Sports Therapy by Beth for a couple of years at the well equipped Knutsford Clinic and have actively sought her treatments since, especially throughout the Covid 19 Lock Down.I have consistently been impressed by her enthusiastic, positive and friendly manner, moreover the high level of professional knowledge and ability to assess my personal needs, treat accordingly, and provide effective care throughout the process, including wonderful follow up support.


Beth worked with me using zoom to perform weekly Personal Training from May, June and July and the experience has been most enjoyable and very productive. Each session has been thoughtfully and carefully designed to strengthen, tone and promote safe care. In my opinion, she is an asset to any Organisation; her interpersonal skills and professional skills are outstanding. I would highly recommend Beth.”


Yours sincerely Janet C Foden

Elite Health Client "Rod"

Rod Wainwright | Climbing new Heights at 69 years old

Rod Wainwright at the Jetim range of the Tien Shan mountains in Krygyzstan August 2016


I have recently returned from an expedition to Kyrgyzstan to a very remote area of the Tien Shan mountains, to try and find and climb some previously unclimbed mountains. This expedition was both physically and mentally hard and prior to going I knew as a relatively fit 69 yr old I would struggle to cope.


So as I was a client of Elite Health having my back problems successfully sorted by Julia Kinsey, I did not have second thoughts in having a meeting with Jacqueline Bosworth to discuss my upcoming trip. Jacqueline then arranged my first session with Personal Trainer Rowan Elliott


This proved over a period of many weeks to be hard but so rewarding, my fitness levels under Rowans expert guidance increased to the point where I felt confident in my own abilities.As it turned out I was not only a useful member of the team reaching heights of 4150 meters, but managed to solo one unclimbed peak at 3900 meters.The climbing period was over 9 days where there was no contact with the outside world as we had to be very self reliant.It would be hard to fully express my gratitude to Rowan and all at Elite Health for making this all possible not only to be successful but enjoyable and the benefits don’t stop there.

Elite Health Client "Barbara"

Barbara Duncalf | From Northwich

“When I first hobbled into Elite Health it was some months after suffering a slipped disc, and any attempt at exercise was leaving me with back ache. This was a last ditch attempt at returning to fitness before giving up and accepting that my active days were over.

After a thorough assessment Jacqueline soon had me stretching and strengthening. My faith in her knowledge and experience meant that I could tackle the exercises without fear of hurting my back again. As my confidence grew so did my fitness and it wasn’t long before I was deemed ready to meet Rowan and move on to general fitness work.


Rowan always greets me with a cheery smile although often it’s just to lull me into a false sense of security before he puts me to work! My workouts are always varied and interesting and I’m buoyed up by Rowan’s belief and confidence in my abilities. His faith has helped me to achieve much more than I could have on my own. from Northwich


Now I’m doing all those things that I’d had to give up – wallpapering my house, riding my motorbike, fell walking and the like. In 2010 I completed the Coast to Coast, walking 192 miles in two weeks. It was an amazing experience and one I couldn’t have tackled twelve months previously. I now have oodles of energy and feel healthier than I have in many years, with the bonus that once again I fit nicely into my jeans. I may occasionally mutter under breath the day after a session when climbing the stairs or sneezing, but I love my visits to Elite Health!”

Elite Health Client "Karen"

Karen | From Hartford

“Hi, I first visited Elite 3 years ago following the development of a secondary career in Equine Podiatry, working with horses, caring for their feet. The strength and stamina I have built up at the Gym has allowed me to excel in my work.


Not only that in 2010 I had a horse riding accident breaking my back, the rehabilitation work and professional treatment I received from Jacqueline and her team was exceptional. Jacqueline’s support was and is second to none, I wanted to progress and she was there with intuitive workouts, pushing me gently into places I would not choose to go on my own, leaving me with a sense of satisfaction that I am getting fitter all the time. Need I say more? Thank you Team Elite.”

Elite Health Client "Lisa"

Lisa | From Knutsford

“I first worked with Elite Health in 2007, following a catastrophic injury to my knee. The consultants warned me that I would not get more than 50% flexion back in the knee. However, Jacqui, and the team at Elite Health had other ideas! Their rehabilitation of my leg (and my tolerance of the hard work – not without much moaning and groaning), means that today I have full 100% flexion and absolutely no pain. Apart from the operation scar, you would never know there had been a very bad injury.


During that rehab period, it became clear that my work as a Horse Riding Instructor and Posture Specialist, would be greatly enhanced by linking up with the team at Elite Health. I have since sent many clients for assessment and support to Elite, and all have come back to me with far greater postural stability and much less crookedness.


Like everything, you get out what you put in, and you can guarantee that Jacqui and the team will put all their efforts in to helping you improve, so it is just down to you to put in the same effort and enthusiasm.”

Elite Health Client "Lesley"

Lesley Callis | A glowing recommendation – Sports Massage Therapy

“Hi Rowan,

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for your support during my training with your sports massage therapy sessions. With my numerous issues and niggles you have given excellent advise and worked on the relevant areas to get me through the London Marathon, my first one which was quite a challenge!


It was vital that I received the correct treatment and without a doubt it was an essential part of my training which proved invaluable.

I would recommend anyone looking for a sports therapist to come and see you and wouldn’t hesitate to make further appointments during my next training program.


Kind regards
Lesley Callis ”

Elite Health Client "Jon"

Jon | From High Legh

“I have been training with weights, running, circuit training, cycling, swimming etc for 20 years! I came to Jacqueline 2 years ago hardly able to walk because of a painful and debilitating back injury.


She immediately saw that my un-supervised training had given me an awful posture that put huge strain on my lower back. Having embarked on an intensive program of personal training and classes my posture has completely changed (for the better!) and my back is strong.


I continue to exercise in my spare time but now rely on a weekly session with Jacqueline and the team where I continue to learn about how to keep my back strong.


A huge thanks to Jaks and the team for getting me fit and strong again.”

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Mike Moran | British Cross country Champion 2014 Mikes experience of working with the Elite Health Team

“I cannot recommend the team at Elite Health enough. I haven’t been trained to run a marathon or lift 100 kilograms over my head (I’m sure they could do that if asked) but my general fitness and flexibility has greatly improved and the cost is less than a set of alloy wheels” Mike Moran

Mike Moran jumping his vehicle off road
Mike Moran Driving Cross Country
Mike Moran receiving award wide
Elite Health Client "Whitefield"

Emma Whitefield | Her experience of our Personal Training and Premier Lifestyle program

“Overall, between training and Premier Lifestyle during the course of the last 12 months, I have dropped from a size 12 to a size 8, lost approximately 2 stone, increased my stamina and fitness, and achieved the all-over body tone that I wanted. I’m much more body-confident, and love wearing my dresses again, which I would never have done 12 months ago. I’m so happy that I found Elite Health, as there is no way I would be where I am now without Rowan and Jacqueline.”

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Paul Waterworth | Local Surgeon

I have suffered with discomfort in my back and neck for several years. I have tried many different types of therapy. Since I have been seeing Rowan, with a combination of sports massage, stretching exercises and personal training focused on my back, my symptoms have improved significantly.

Our client Penny Harris on Killawalla Spirit after qualifying for and then shown here competing at Badminton Grassroots.

Killawalla Spirit jumping a horse jump
Killawalla Spirit walking through a field during competition
Killawalla Spirit jumping a hedge

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