Tackling Back Pain – you can do it!!

Tackling Back Pain – you can do it!!

Late last year a new client to Elite Health, Eddie booked in for a back-care assessment after struggling with back pain yet again. Eddie had been to many consultations/treatments over the years and exercised regularly. I suggested areas in his training to be adjusted and prescribed some gentle movements to start to address his postural issues. The result? All explained by the email below which I received in January: –

Re: Elite Health     From: Eddie Watkins      Sent: Wed, Jan 10, 2018 at 15:14         To: Jacqueline Bosworth

Hi Jacqueline, hope you had a great Christmas.

I’m delighted to let you know that after the two sessions I had with you my back got massively better and the pain went away.

At the gym now, I have changed my programme to include leg work and lots of stretching as you advised.  So far, I’ve not had any reoccurrence of the issue.

Many many thanks for your highly skilled analysis / interventions I can’t thank you enough 😀

Hope everything is good with you 😀

It still makes my day 13 years on when we get messages like this – so pleased for you Eddie                    For more information click here