Sports Massage & Sports Therapy

Sports Massage & Sports Therapy at Elite Health Knutsford, Cheshire

We cover a wide range of services through our Sports Injury Therapy and Sports Massage – You can email, phone for an appointment or use our online booking.    Book online here

This includes:-

  • An Initial Consultation and screening
  • Sports Massage
  • Individual stretching sessions
  • Individual Exercise prescription
  • Soft Tissue Release
  • Rehabilitation
  • Strengthening and flexibility
  • Postural Improvement and Correction
  • Deep relaxing therapeutic massage
  • Relief for pregnancy muscle tension

Sports Therapy and Sports Massage

How do you feel when you can’t take part?

Sports Therapy will suit the active sports person who wants to minimise their sports downtime and maximise their performance.  It will suit anyone who has suffered an accidental soft tissue injury or who suffers discomfort or pain from daily activities. Alternatively Sports Massage is an excellent way for the active person who wants to stay fit, healthy and prevent injury.

The human body is like a complex suspension bridge with a skeletal framework providing the underlying stress absorption.  The Soft tissue in our bodies, such as muscle, tendons and ligaments provide strength, flexibility and dynamic tension.  Without them functioning well the the body is frail and weak.

If you have sustained a soft tissue injury, in your favorite activity, at work, at home or have a postural problem, Sports Therapy can help to decrease your recovery time. Treating soft tissue in the body can help relieve pain, promote healing, repair and relieve stress patterns caused by persistent strain or postural imbalance.

Sports Therapy is the treatment of muscle and soft tissue with one of the techniques used being Sports Massage. Sports massage can also be used for general maintenance to help your body stay healthy or to relieve every day stresses on the body.

Elite Health Sports Therapists

Our Sports Therapists are also qualified Fitness Professionals and there is a significant advantage to being treated by one of them. This cross discipline knowledge means we provide you with both effective treatment and corrective exercise appropriate to your condition, lifestyle and sporting goals. Our Sports Therapists can also provide a preventative programme of exercise to help keep you fitter and stronger.

Hot and Cold Stones Sports Massage

The use of Stones in sports massage is extremely beneficial to access deep tension, increase blood flow and decrease the pain outcome. Hot stones are heated up and used within the session alongside sports massage, they are used as a catalyst to help with individual needs such as tension release down to promoting recovery of an injury. Cold Stones are used to take any inflammation down and reduce the pressure of the inflammation. A mixture of hot and cold stones helps activate the body systems, to accelerate recovery

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