Horse Rider Fitness & Posture
Our Client – Penny Harris riding Killawalla Spirit at Badminton Grassroots

Horse Rider Fitness
at Elite Health Knutsford Cheshire

Our team can help you improve by:

  • Providing a postural assessment
  • Identifying the root causes of structural imbalances and problems
  • Providing corrective treatment
  • Tuition to engage the correct muscles
  • Home exercise programmes
  • Fitness training

Having spent time effort and money to ensure your horse is in tip top condition, how much effort do you put into yourself, the other 50% of the partnership?

Did you know that:

  • If you are tight down one side, it is extremely likely that your horse will have difficulty turning in that direction?
  • Often when a saddle slips (and think about the ‘sticky’ girths, saddle pads etc that are on the market), it is not your horse but you causing the saddle to slip?
  • Sometimes if you can’t get your horse to go forward, or can’t stop  your horse from pulling, it is your own posture and your use of the incorrect muscles which is contributing to the problem.

So, if you are stiff after riding, your back hurts, you have numb feet or sore ankles and knees, then now is the time to contact Elite Health. Julia is an  experienced Osteopaths and have a broad approach to Osteopathic treatment. Past injuries, the impact of falls, the day to day work related postural patterns and mechanical strains we all experience can lead to structural and mechanical imbalances, pain and stiffness in our bodies. Working with riders to identify the biomechanical problems affecting both their structure and function, Julia aims to restore body balance and function in their clients enabling them to get the best from their riding.

Jacqueline is a fully qualified Personal Trainer with 20 years experience of training. Jacqueline works with riders to help them identify and ‘switch on’ the correct muscles needed to obtain the independent seat that is essential to good riding, especially those muscles that create core stability allowing the rider to balance on the horse and use their aids with precision without losing their good position. She also teaches riders to have better control over their bodies, eliminating bad riding habits such as gripping, pulling, tipping forward/backward, collapsing, etc.

Our team can work closely alongside your riding instructor. Get in touch or book a telephone consultation below.



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