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Premier-Lifestyle-Logo-(landscape)_1Our Health and Weight loss program at Elite Health Knutsford Cheshire

Healthy Eating on a no sugar, get rid of processed foods and reduce carbohydrates basis. EAT GREAT, FEEL GREAT,  LOOK GREAT

Finally a weight loss & health program that works in the short AND the long term! See what our clients say,  read

Emma’s experience of Premier Lifestyle

Mike Moran’s experience of Premier Lifestyle

Steve & Debbie’s experience of Premier Lifestyle

Premier Lifestyle™ is a lifestyle program for  Health and Weight loss designed by UK leading health and fitness professionals. It combines nutritional advice with recommendations on exercise and activity helping you achieve genuine, sustainable weight loss results.


  • Yo yo diets
  • Counting calories.or weighing everything yiou eat
  • Reliance on weight loss products, gimmicks, suppplements, pills and counting systems

 So what is Premier Lifestyle & what can it help you achieve?  –

  • A lifestyle program through healthy eating and exercise
  • Immediate and sustained weight loss
  • Helps you have a “way of life” which helps you lose weight and keep it off forever
  • Improved energy levels
  • Eat, feel satisfied and avoid those sugar cravings
  • Improve your overall Health and Fitness
  • Improved sleep and reduced stress
  • Puts the taste back in your food
  • Follow the program and GUARANTEED RESULTS

All of this is delivered by our qualified Health and Fitness Professionals.

The lifestyle plan can be followed by joining one of our weekly groups or can be done on a joint or individual basis for a more personal approach.

 For details of our weekly sessions please phone 01565 625800 or email

Costs – Group sessions – £85 to including your starter pack for the 10 week programme. The starter pack includes your work book and recipe book.
On an individual basis £390 for the programme – this could be shared between two people.
We can deliver the program to you at home with an extra cost for travelling..

For more information visit or contact Jacqueline on 01565 625800 or Reserve your place today to start the new you in 2014.

Why Premier Lifestyle™?
Have you tried every diet, probably lost weight but then inevitably found yourself putting all or some of the weight back. Maybe you even ended up putting more weight than you lost back on. Surprising not really! A large number of “diets” are based on short term fixes or a “diet” that is unsustainable in the long term so when we stop we revert to eating or behaving the way we did before hence we simply put back on the weight we had lost. This type of approach or “diet” doesn’t help us understand what we are eating or how to make the right choices in our daily lives.

Premier Lifestyle does! It is exactly that; it helps you understand what to eat on a daily basis. It is sustainable in the long term and means you can eat out and socialize whilst maintaining your weight loss or healthy weight.

After all the actual word “diet” originates form the Greek language and means “way of life”.

 Our simple aim with Premier Lifestyle™ –

“To introduce you to a new “way of life” which will help you lose the weight and keep it off forever.”

Where does Premier Lifestyle™ come from?

Premier Lifestyle™ has been developed by Premier Training International whose 20 year pedigree sits firmly in the health, fitness and wellness sector. Premier Training International has built a first class reputation in delivering quality education since 1992 and has some of the strongest sports scientists and industry experts helping shape syllabuses and training delivery. The company vision was, and remains today, to raise standards throughout the health and fitness industry

How do we know it works? Premier Lifestyle have spent the last couple of years completing trails to make sure it does As all my existing clients know I never promote anything which I don’t just understand in term of the theory but also have tried and experienced myself. So October 2013 I started the plan. By December, after 5 weeks I am a dress size smaller, lost inches and am the lightest I have been in years.

How does The Premier Lifestyle™  operate?

Each week at our Premier Lifestyle™ session, one of our Elite Health Group Leaders will help you set and monitor your personal weight loss and lifestyle goals.

There will be a presentation during the session, which will provide you with the education and information you need over a 10 week period, to help you lose weight and keep it off . The Premier Lifestyle Consultant is able to help with advice on appropriate types of exercise and programs which should be taken as part of the Premier Lifestyle™ program. These could be outside activities or you may wish to take advantage of help from our Elite Health Trainers either on your own, shared session with a friend or in a small group.

Premier Lifestyle™ has two phases over your ten week period; the Kick Start phase lasting five days which will launch your new lifestyle and deliver some amazing weight loss / feel good results. Continued Weight Loss is all about maintaining the momentum and ensuring members continue to lose weight and achieve health and lifestyle goals gradually reintroducing foods throughout this period.

Members are always amazed at how quickly they start to look slimmer, feel fitter and experience improvements in general health.

The general rules are:

  • To keep to a low carbohydrate intake
  • Avoid sugar at all times
  • Avoid processed foods
  • Drink plenty of water

We cover the all the following areas Knutsford, Hale, High Legh, Pickmere, Wincham, Antrobus, Great Budworth, Northwich, Mobberley, Rostherne, Ashley All of CW9

Phone or email us NOW to register your interest as we are constantly starting new classes as well as providing them from Elite Health in Knutsford.

To find out more about Premier Lifestyle™ at Elite Health simply phone us on 01565 625800 or email or book a telephone consultation below.


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