Our Story
Our Story

Our aim is simple, putting the client at the centre of Elite Health care, providing the most appropriate and professional support to every client.  

We are a team of health and fitness professionals providing:


  • Confidential one-to-one help and support
  • Privacy in both treatment and training sessions
  • Access to all the specialist knowledge in our multidisciplinary team
  • Initial health/postural assessments
  • An integrated holistic approach
  • Real support to improve your confidence and self-esteem


It is never too late to start investing in the most important asset you have, your body. We can help!


Never feel rushed at Elite Health. We provide a 15-minute buffer between our training sessions to ensure clients have time to change (when appropriate), without the pressure of the next client waiting around. We offer a private changing area, however, in the current climate we encourage you to come appropriately dressed to train. Our shower facilities are currently closed due to COVID-19.


Elite Health provides clean towels for all training and treatments. We wash all our towels in sensitive detergents so everyone can use them safely. All our towels are laundered at a temperature sufficient to kill COVID-19 and then tumble dried, further ensuring no chance of cross-infection.


After every session, our equipment is cleaned with an antibacterial cleaner. By providing a 15-minute window between clients, we can ensure our staff has time to properly clean and sanitize all equipment.


Hydration is crucial to health! We provide filtered water, but please bring with you your own refillable water bottle/drinking vessel.


At Elite Health we provide an environment free from distraction, such as phones or other clients, allowing our professionals to focus on you and your treatment or training.


We encourage our clients to use our holistic approach: training the body, keeping fit, managing strains and injuries, including the regular use of massage and therapy.


If you are worried or think you are unable to undertake an activity safely, talk to our professionals, we may be able to help. Our Advanced Level qualified trainers and our therapists have the knowledge to work with you safely.

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