Our Services

Our Services

One on one Personal Training with our highly qualified Personal Trainers in one of our private studios.  We can also train you in the privacy of your home using virtual sessions.  We offer a combination of individually tailored exercise programs and nutritional support to help you reach your health and fitness goals.  Our Personal Trainers have a wide range of specialisms to cater for whatever your needs may be.  They are also all fully qualified Sports Therapists so if you need help training through injury recovery or other physical conditions, we are the team for you. 

Sports Therapy

Our Sports Massage Therapists treat sporting and other day-to-day injuries using a variety of techniques.  They will support your rehabilitation and advise you on future injury prevention.  Our Sports Massage Therapists are all also qualified Personal Trainers and this unique combination means we provide you with both effective treatment and rehabilitation exercises appropriate to your condition, lifestyle and sporting goals. 


Our experienced Osteopaths use a holistic whole-body approach to treat and help you manage a wide range of conditions that affect your Musco skeletal system.  These can include sciatica, arthritis, neuralgia, and fibromyalgia; as well as general back, neck, shoulder, and elbow pain. 

Back Care

After a thorough assessment from one of our trained specialists, we will tailor an exercise program for you which will target the management of your back pain.  This gentle movement based exercise is specially designed to help your spine work better, improving function and releasing areas of stiffness & tension. 

Body Massage

We offer therapeutic and relaxing full body massage which has many benefits.  These include reduced muscle tension; increased joint mobility and flexibility; improved recovery of soft tissue injuries and it can help reduce anxiety and depression.  Our Massage Therapists are also either trained Sports Therapists or Osteopaths enabling them to concentrate treatment on the areas that may need more focus. 

Hot Stones Massage

Hot Stone treatment can be added to both Sports Therapy and Body Massage appointments providing an enhanced level of relaxation.  The therapist will use the stones to target any problem areas on the body enabling them to get deeper into the muscle with the use of heat and alternating pressures. 

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