Motorsport Fitness at Elite Health Knutsford Cheshire
Mike Myherin apil 2015
Mike Walters arena October 2014

Motorsport Fitness
at Elite Health Knutsford Cheshire

Mike Moran – British Cross country Champion 2014  and 2015 – Read Mikes experience of working with the Elite Health Team
“I cannot recommend the team at Elite Health enough. I haven’t been trained to run a marathon or lift 100 kilograms over my head (I’m sure they could do that if asked) but my general fitness and flexibility has greatly improved and the cost is less than a set of alloy wheels”  Mike Moran
Mike & tony Awards jan 2015

Having spent a lot of time effort and money to ensure your car is in tip top condition, how much effort do you put into yourself, another major element of the team?


So whether you would like to improve your fitness, stamina, flexibility, strength to weight ratio or your feeling battered and bruised following a race it is the time to contact Elite Health.

Rowan is a fully qualified Personal Trainer with years experience of training. He works with drivers to help them build stamina and strength whilst constantly working to keep balance and flexibility in the body. His clients include Mike Moran British Cross Country champion and Chris Ratter who has completed the famously tough Dakar race

Julia is an  experienced Osteopath and has a broad approach to Osteopathic treatment. Past injuries, the impact of racing, the day to day work related postural patterns and mechanical strains we experience can lead to structural and mechanical imbalances, pain and stiffness in our bodies. Working with drivers to identify the biomechanical problems affecting both their structure and function, Julia aims to restore body balance and function to clients enabling them to get the best out of their racing.



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