Making change and maintaining it in 2018 – the third and final step

Making change and maintaining it in 2018 – the third and final step

So now you need to look over what you have written and finish this exercise off.

So, looking back first let’s look at your score for importance of change, if this is lower than a 5 then it’s probably the wrong change or you are not ready to make this change yet. So, have a rethink about the right change for you

Next confidence rating – If you have scored low on the confidence rating, then you might need some extra help and support to make your change.

Barriers – I always find this one interesting as we often see walls, hurdles that seem insurmountable however we forget that we know ourselves best and we are resourceful.

Solutions – well sometimes we have them at our fingertips sometimes we need to search but talking it through may help.

The final piece of the exercise is to complete the following: –

What is the cost of failure to you, so not making that change?


Finally ask yourself is it worth making the change – Yes or NO


My advice is that if you get through this and the answer is yes convert the change into a goal.

Give it a time frame – e,g, I want to get fitter by 31st March 2018

Make it specific and measurable: – e,g, I want to be able to run a mile without getting a stitch

Break it down and make sure it’s realistic and achievable – how long can I run for now without getting a stitch and how much per week would I therefore need to be able to increase that by

Finally, good luck with making whatever changes are important to you. Believe it and achieve it.

All the best for 2018 from the Elite Health Team