Why should I train with Elite Health?  

We offer highly qualified trainers with the expertise to take you to a new level whether you’re a beginner, seasoned gym user or elite athlete.  No matter your age or experience level, we have the trainer who is right for you with a current client age ranging from 13 – 89! 

I am a client, but I’ve not visited the site in a while, how do I login?  

Enter your email address on the login page and click on Forgotten Password, you will be sent an email with details of how to access our new platform.  Be sure to check your Junk Folder if the email doesn’t come through in a few minutes or contact us  for more help. 

I’m suffering from a pre-existing condition, can I still train with you? 

Absolutely.  What makes our team unique is their ability to support training through a variety of conditions including, but not limited to: hypertension, asthma, diabetes, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis and joint replacements.  We also specialise in pre & post-natal training.  If you’re unsure whether we can help you, get in touch today for a complimentary consultation and health assessment. 

Do you have a Loyalty Points scheme? 

Yes, we do.  You start earning points as soon as you set up your account and they’re easy to redeem for cash discounts on your sessions. For more info on the scheme, click here

Do you have an app? 

We sure do, head to the app store on your phone now to download for free.  You can book appointments, redeem your Loyalty Points and much more.  If you had our old app on your phone (pre-April 2021), please delete it and download the new version. 

Apple store link, Google Play store link 

When do I pay for my session?  

You have the option to pay when you book your session or at the appointment with your trainer or therapist. 

What should I bring to my Personal Training session? 

We provide towels and cold filtered water in the studio.  To keep waste to a minimum, we ask that you bring a reusable water bottle. 

What should I wear to my therapy appointment? 

We suggest wearing whatever you’re comfortable in.  It’s important that your therapist will be able to access the areas you wish to be targeted so please wear underwear that you’re comfortable being assessed in. 

Do I get nutrition advice with my training program?  

We give general advice regarding healthy eating or can offer further advice through our Lifestyle plan 

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