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debbie & steveSteve and Debbie Robinson  from Holmes Chapel – Steve & Debbie’s story about their experience of Elite Health

Steve Robinson:-I’m a 56 year old married man with three grown up children, when I was in my teens I used to cycle and did some weight training, when the children were younger we would go out on walks, sightseeing and other activities, in my forties I enrolled at a local Leisure Centre Gym bought some home gym equipment and again got reasonably fit, although being largely unsupervised I did pick up some injuries. I’ve been a little overweight most of my adult life, but managed to keep my weight in check on short term diets, the last five, or ten years though have seen it steadily climb. I’m a Design Engineer, but work mainly from an office, so very sedentary, apart from climbing a few flights of stairs I was taking very little exercise and getting lunches from the “butty van”. I’ve been to Elite Health for Osteopathic treatments, so when they introduced the Premier Lifestyle program and my wife decided to give it a go I thought I should at least go along and see what it was all about, that belly wasn’t going to get smaller on its own. I found with Premier Lifestyle that once I got my head round the basics the rest fell easily into place, I’ve been on the program for 12 months in total, in 12-14 weeks I had lost 12kg and I’ve managed to maintain that weight throughout.

The Premier Lifestyle classes/sessions run by Jacqueline are not so serious! In the past I’ve never wanted to go to “Fat Clubs” as they seem obsessed with calorie counting and public “weigh and shame” tactics. In the past weight control has been home based, self regulation diet and while effective for a few months never lasts. With Premier Lifestyle there are weigh-ins, but they’re not public if you don’t want them to be and it’s not rigid, anybody should be able to tailor it to their lifestyles, I was the only bloke on our course, but it was fine and not the least bit embarrassing or awkward.

The educational content delivered on Premier Lifestyle program was invaluable, you just can’t do this program without learning the true nature of food and diet, I especially liked the sugar and GI lessons, and it’s incredible what’s going on in the food industry these days.

I was a bit slow on the uptake where exercise was concerned, but eventually I started going to circuit classes at Elite Health with Rowan on a Wednesday evening, some of my old injuries to hips, knees and lower back re-emerged, however since these are small classes with specialist instruction and supervision I’ve been shown how to work around these and I now attend almost every week, as I’m getting fitter I’m able to complete more of the exercises and attend more regularly.

Premier Lifestyle at Elite Health has made me fitter, stronger and healthier, but above all it has made me feel so much better about myself, blokes in general and especially engineers aren’t supposed to worry about image and well-being, but we do, just as much as the ladies.

I would say to anyone considering looking into a new lifestyle programme, forget calorie counting, low fat, low whatever diets, this is the one, most importantly it’s not a diet, it’s a way of life, the initial weight loss programme is only the start, it equips you with the right mind set to healthy living for the rest of your life.

I  would like to add regarding Premier Lifestyle at Elite Health, a big thank you, I couldn’t have lost so much weight and kept it off any other way, I’m typing this sat in the same size jeans I wore when I was 19, something I would never have believed possible as I approach three times that age !

Debbie Robinson:-

I’m a mum of three grown up children. Around eight years ago I began a diet and exercise program having reached my heaviest ever weight and seeing some very unflattering pictures from a holiday in Italy; my sedentary lifestyle and constant eating had taken their toll. I managed to keep the weight off for a couple of years but slipped back into the old eating habits and had put most of the weight back on by 2013

I was unhappy with my shape and weight and generally felt unhealthy having regained the weight I’d previously lost with a slimming program. My eating was out of control and I was consuming too many sugar laden snacks.

I’ve now been on the Premier Lifestyle program for 12 months, hitting my target weight around 6 months in. I lost 10 kilos in the first 12 weeks of the program and  9 months into the program had lost over 20kilos. My body fat had also reduced by a staggering 17% whilst maintaining my lean weight.

The Premier Lifestyle classes/sessions with Jacqueline are very informative, with the opportunity to ask questions. The presentations include some surprising facts and statistics despite me feeling that I was already quite well informed about nutrition. The content was delivered in a very supportive and non-judgmental way.

My activity has now increased since starting the program and I am now doing a Circuit class with Rowan at Elite Health once a week. In addition I now do 4 x 3 mile runs a week (2 or more with interval training). I continue to horse ride 4-5 times per week.

I previously tried Slimming clubs where the emphasis was on low fat options so foods can be full of sugar or artificial sweetener and left me still craving sugary foods. Now for the first time I feel that my blood sugar levels have been properly balanced; I no longer have food cravings and since having a cooked breakfast each day I no longer need to snack between meals. I feel equipped to make sensible meal choices both at home and when eating out, and know that I can easily maintain my weight while still enjoying my food.

If you are someone that is considering looking into a new lifestyle program, are way of losing weight and being healthy then I would recommend you to look at the facts which are emerging about the ineffectiveness of calorie counting and low fat diets. Premier Lifestyle doesn’t rely on repeat sales of diet foods or long term weekly sessions; instead there is a short course which supplies the tools for continued weight management. There’s a holistic approach which covers diet, exercise and lifestyle.

This is easy to follow and good value for money. It’s worked really well for Steve and I to follow together & we’ve both lost weight and continue to maintain our target weight.

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