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Emma WhitfieldEmma Whitfield’s Experience of working with the team at Elite Health

After previous attempts at getting myself back to the gym, and working with a personal trainer in 2013, I just wasn’t seeing a difference or getting the results I wanted. I was about to give up and lose faith, when I stumbled upon Elite Health in Knutsford in Dec 2013. The website was professional and informative, so I got a good feeling about it and decided to give them a call. After a brief conversation with Jacqueline, she understood exactly what I was looking for and why perhaps my previous training attempts had not been successful, and booked me in for a consultation with Rowan

I was a bit nervous about having a male trainer at first, as I was extremely conscious about my body. After being do fit and healthy in my early twenties, then finding myself 10 or so years later feeling embarrassed about how much weight I had put on, and how out of shape I had really become, it was a daunting feeling. However, my initial consultation with Rowan got off to a great start; he made me feel at ease, listened to everything I said, and asked me what my goals were. Rowan just had a way of explaining why I had not seemed to have found my way with getting back on track and it did make sense, a lot of sense! I felt more confident at the end of the initial consultation, so I decided to take the plunge and sign up for a block of sessions, starting just before Christmas in 2013.

The first few weeks were hard, I won’t lie. There were times when I thought I was mad, and that perhaps trying to get fit was not me after all. I was still quite body conscious and almost embarrassed that I couldn’t complete a set to 20! That’s when Rowan and Jacqueline presented Premier Lifestyle, which a course of educational sessions designed to explain more about our food choices and how they affect our health and fitness. I decided to join those sessions too, as they were a great supplement to the physical training sessions that I was having with Rowan. I soon realised where I was going wrong with my food and lifestyle choices, and the sessions with Jacqui enabled me to discuss my thoughts and learn what I should be doing. I was within a matter of weeks, after altering my food choices, and lifestyle choices that I started to see and feel a massive difference. All of a sudden, my training sessions were getting easier, I was getting stronger and fitter, and the weight was coming off. This was partly due to the fact that I had started eating right for my body and my training. Although I’ve complete the sessions I have kept the literature and stand by the Premier Lifestyle guidelines every day – it’s not a fad diet at all, it’s an alteration to lifestyle choice and it really worked for me.

Part way through 2014 I had personal problems, but I explained this to Rowan and he completely understood, and altered my training to account for the extra stress I was going through at the time. During that time, I asked Rowan to ensure that I stuck to my training as it was the only thing keeping me sane, and he did just that, making sure I didn’t miss all sessions and was flexible in re-arranging if needed, but still maintaining at least one per week. He made the sessions fun and enjoyable, and I looked forward to every session, no matter how bad a day I was having! Rowan is a people person, very understanding and incredibly entertaining! Rowan was a rock during that difficult period, and I’m glad that I stuck at the training, as now I’m over the problems, seeing my health and fitness improve just makes me feel even better about myself. I am happier now, than I have been for many years.

Overall, between training and Premier Lifestyle during the course of the last 12 months, I have dropped from a size 12 to a size 8, lost approximately 2 stone, increased my stamina and fitness, and achieved the all-over body tone that I wanted. I’m much more body-confident, and love wearing my dresses again, which I would never have done 12 months ago, so that’s a testament in itself to the sheer hard work that Rowan has invested in helping me achieve my fitness goals.   There is still more that I want to do, but it’s more about maintaining my weight and fitness levels, and I will be continuing with Rowan for years to come. I’m so happy that I found Elite Health, as there is no way I would be where I am now without Rowan and Jacqueline– thanks you guys!!!

Emma Whitfield x

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