Elite Health - Mike Moran's Experience



Elite Health – Mike Moran’s experience

Having competed in the British Cross Country Championship for the last 8 years I had a great team of guys preparing the car and assisting me compete. In our quest to make the car lighter and give the engine more power my thoughts turned around to the driver – ME

With plenty of time to think on a 5,000mile 9 day driving holiday to the northern tip of Norway in January 2014, where the temperatures go as low as minus 40 degrees Celsius, the place I was going to was 600 miles inside the arctic circle, I decided as I was nearer to 60 than 50 in age I should be looking after myself a bit better.

Having signed up to the British Cross Country Championship, April 2014 saw me starting a good 10kg lighter. I now had team Elite Health on board with me. A course of Premier Lifestyle had given good results and I felt empowered to get a little fitter. The novelty of riding a push bike soon wore off as it didn’t have an engine and Elite Health Personal trainer Rowan took up the challenge with regular weekly visits to him at Elite Health steadily built up my stamina.

Additional work by Alex the sports therapist and Julia trying to manipulate a back which had suffered more heavier landings than a jumbo jet made me feel more flexible and climbing in and out and on occasions under the car was less of a chore.Attachment-1

The results started to improve as the season went on and we finally won the British Cross Country Championship 2014 our trophy being handed to us at the Royal Automobile Club by FIA President Jean Todt.

Mike Walters arena October 2014


If you’re in motorsport I cannot recommend the team at Elite Health enough. I haven’t been trained to run a marathon or lift 100 kilograms over my head (I’m sure they could do that if asked) but my general fitness and flexibility has greatly improved and the cost is less than a set of alloy wheels.

Well done Jacqueline, Rowan, Julia and AlexMike Myherin apil 2015


In 2015 our success continued leading the British Cross Country Championships after 2 rounds  Continuing to work with the Elite Health team throughout 2015 has seen yet another successful year with culminating in again taking the British Cross Country Championship. However the biggest result is now my ability to keep my weight in check and still managing to live a full life due to the educational and motivational information learnt in Premier Lifestyle

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