Olivia Brewster

Olivia Brewster

VTCT Level 4, ITEC Dip Eq sports

Olivia Brewster is a sport enthusiast having competed with horses and being involved in running, cycling, swimming and golf.  Olivia qualified in 2009 as a Sports Massage Therapist and Equine Massage Therapist.  Her wealth of experience includes previously working for the English Institute of Sport and British Cycling.

Olivia is also a qualified Pilates instructor able to offer one to one Pilates instruction. This knowledge on how the body moves enhances her ability to identify muscle imbalances for administering effective massage treatments

Olivias previous experience includes working for long hours in an office job involving lots of sitting down and driving. This consequently highlighted posture risk factors that ultimately affected her ability to perform in sports without pain or recurrent injuries. Regular sports massage can help prevent such problems.

Olivia Brewster is qualified in Hot Stones Sports Massage for those sporting individuals wanting that deeper longer lasting massage. In addition Olivia can offer Swedish Body Massage for those that prefer a gentler form of massage. Olivia has also trained in the correct application of K-Tape to enhance performance and enable clients to continue training even as part of their injury rehabilitation.

Olivia’s Equine Massage qualification enabls her to massage horses which she feels has enhanced her hands-on skills with the humans. This training further developed her ability to identify the underlying causes of muscle tightness and to administer effective soft tissue techniques. Olivia says, “Horses can’t tell you where the problem is so it’s a case of finding the problem by touch and feel.”.

Olivia’s ethos is:- DON’T, wait until you are in pain or suffering from injuries before turning to massage. Do have regular massage to increase your overall sense of wellbeing, for optimum physical and mental health and to help achieve your goals pain free. Life is for living and in today’s fast paced world, Olivia believes it is important to look after yourself. Do what you’re passionate about to live a more rewarding life for much longer.

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