Our COVID Guidelines

COVID-19 Guidance for Visiting Clients


Many thanks for taking the time to read this and considering Elite health, either as a returning client or a potential new user of our services. As you would expect from a business which aims to deliver the highest personal standards, we have considered and decided to make some changes to the way we operate to ensure our clients and our team remain safe in the current climate. We would be grateful therefore if you could take a moment to read the following information:

  1. KEEPING SAFE discusses the steps we have taken
  2. GUIDANCE FOR CLIENTS gives advice on the new processes for clients arriving at the premises

At the foot of this guide is a video walkthrough with Jacqueline demonstrating the changes we have made to the premises, how we will operate with clients, and what we are requesting from you in order to keep us all safe.


Please see below highlights of the preparations we have made to make the studios and therapy rooms safe for clients and the team.

We have :

  • Had every area within our premises professionally electrostatically disinfected and cleaned. In addition the carpets have been deep cleaned and disinfected.
  • Always had a gap of 15 minutes between training clients, we have now adopted this policy for all client sessions within the building.
  • Enhanced our already thorough cleaning and disinfection regimes.
  • Adopted 2m+ social distancing for arriving/leaving clients and for Personal Training supported by signage on the walls and floor.
  • Introduced covered waiting and sanitisation spaces for arriving clients in the courtyard to ensure distancing within the premises.
  • Introduced screens where beneficial.
  • Introduced new closed cabinets in studios and therapy rooms to store clean towels.
  • Enhanced processes for laundry and disposal of PPE.
  • Removed multi-touch items such as cups from the premises
  • Introduced disinfected boxes for temporary storage of clients clothing during a session
  • Maintained the multiple sanitiser stations within the premises.
  • Introduced a one-way system for arriving and leaving clients.
  • Introduced PPE for therapists and social distancing for trainers
  • Temporarily closed the showers
  • Introduced temperature checks before entering the building.


For all visitors :

  • We have implemented a one-way system. Please enter only through the front door on Princess Street and leave through the gate by the car park.
  • There are floor markings on the corridor from the front door showing 2m separation. If there is somebody in the corridor ahead of you, please use the markings as a guide.
  • There are 2 waiting stations in the courtyard, separated by a screen, both with hand sanitiser. Please use the sanitiser and wait for your trainer or therapist to come. They will take your temperature with a touchless thermometer and then escort you to your appointment. Please do not enter the building until this check has been completed.
  • Should your temperature be elevated we strongly advise you self-isolate and we will ask you to return home as we will be unable to train or treat you.
  • Please bring your own water bottle/container with you. We are unable to provide cups at the moment.

Therapy Clients

  • Please bring a face covering. You will be asked to wear this when walking through the studio to the therapy room.
  • Your therapist will be wearing PPE, specifically a face mask, apron, and gloves

Training Clients

You do not need to bring a face covering. Social distancing will be in place so neither your trainer nor you are required to wear a face covering or other PPE. If you wish your trainer to wear a face mask, then they will be happy to do so but please advise us of this prior to your session. Even if wearing a face mask, social distancing will be adhered to.

  • We prefer to maintain social distancing at 2m+ and the markings on the studio floor are there to support this.
  • If possible, please arrive changed and ready to train. If this is not possible, the changing room will be available however we will ask you to place your outside clothes in a disinfected plastic box. Unfortunately we need to strictly maintain the schedule of clients arriving and departing so changing time will have to be deducted from the training session.
  • The showers are not available at the moment.
  • We will have a towel ready for you to use. We ask that throughout your session this is only placed on equipment and not of the floor. We will also ask you to put it into the laundry bin when your session has finished.
  • We will be sticking to a strict hour as we require a minimum of 15 minutes from when you leave to wipe down and cleanse the premises.
  • It is also imperative that before the first visit you have completed a new health screen.

Existing clients please follow this link: https://www.waiverking.com/print/10388

New clients follow this link:https://www.waiverking.com/print/10480

We are sure that you appreciate and understand the importance of all of this. We always aspire to provide the highest standards of care and in these interesting times it is no different. We highly value your opinion and are keen for you to feedback to Jacqueline your thoughts or your experience of working with Elite Health.

We thank you for your time and consideration.



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