About us

Our aim is simple to put the client at the centre of Elite Health care providing the most appropriate and professional support to all of our clients

We are a team of health and fitness professionals providing:

  • Confidential and one to one help and support
  • Privacy in both treatment and training sessions
  • Access to all the specialist knowledge in our multidisciplinary team
  • Initial health/postural assessments
  • An integrated holistic approach
  • Real support to improve your confidence and self esteem

It is never too late to start investing in the most important asset you have, your body. We can help:

  • We allow time between our training sessions to ensure clients have time to change when appropriate without the pressure of the next client waiting
  • We provide you with your own private changing area and shower facilities
  • We provide all the clean towels you will need for training and treatments, all of which are washed in sensitive detergents so you can use them safely
  • Our training equipment is cleaned after every session with antibacterial cleaner
  • Hydration is catered for by ensuring appropriate levels of filtered water are provided for all types of sessions
  • Whilst there may be another client in the therapy room, you have the Personal Training Studio all to yourself
  • The Elite Health environment and our professionals ensure we provide total concentration on our client’s training or treatment with no distraction from phones or other clients
  • We encourage our clients to use our holistic approach:- training the body, keeping fit, managing strains and injuries including the regular use of massage and therapy

If you are worried or think you are unable to undertake activity safely, talk to our professionals:- we may be able to help. Our Advanced Level qualified trainers and our Therapists have the knowledge to know how we may work with you safely.

Here is our range of services

Personal Training

Private & confidential use of our studio with one of our experienced Personal Trainers

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Sports Therapy & Body Massage

Sports Massage for maintenance & injury treatment or therapeutic & relaxing full body massage

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Our experienced osteopaths work with the structure of your body to restore its natural state of health

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Management of Back Pain & Rehabilitation

We know backs can be painful; we have qualified specialists with years of experience in managing back pain

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Weight Management & Nutrition

Whether you are thinking about weight loss or gain or nutrition, we can help you achieve your goals

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Horse Rider Fitness

Our team has experience of helping horse riders improve their posture, balance, fitness & core strength

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