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Avoid suffering with Back Pain

Back Pain

Back pain, why suffer?

Back pain is a huge burden in the UK affecting us at home in our relationships and in the workplace impinging on our quality of life and in some cases our ability to work.

Statistics on back pain suggested four out of five people will experience back pain at some point in their lives. Back pain can be frightening debilitating and with our NHS resources increasingly stretched it can be difficult to find the help we need

There are many different causes of back pain and in many ways it can limit our lives. According to some research in about 85% of cases no underlining damage or disease can be found. So why is this debilitating condition so rife in our society.

Some of the answers may lie in our western lifestyle.

Many of us spend hours a day sat at a computer or in a car or an uncomfortable meeting room chair. This can lead to excessive pressure in the back and shoulders and compromised day to day function. This has only worsened over the last few years as more of us have worked from home.

It is easy to think of hurting your back whilst lifting or because of an accident but remember that strain patterns and weakness in the wrong muscles can develop through poor habits like carrying a heavy laptop bag on one shoulder or holding the phone against your shoulder whilst trying to write at the same time, sound familiar? It can also lead to a loss of function or poor function, poor recruitment of major muscles when performing an action. There are many causes and contributory factors even including something as simple as being dehydrated!!!

Our mindset

There is increasing evidence that the way we approach back pain may also have an impact on our outcomes. It is very difficult to stop the subconscious telling your body to avoid pain. When we acquire a back injury or ache we unconsciously start adapting our movements and avoiding some altogether. Although there is a huge diversity of view around causes and solutions to back pain it is widely agreed that movement helps. In addition, a positive approach to your outcomes will prevent focus on the pain and more on the solution.

So, what can you do to relieve back pain?

It is essential to get the right diagnosis for your back pain and to ensure that there are no underlying problems in the structure of your back, if the pain is acute then seeing your GP, osteopath, back pain exercise specialist, physiotherapist, or other specialist might be your first port of call.

What do you then do about managing and preventing the pain in the long term?

Bridge Track for Back Pain

Gentle rolling bridge to mobilise

One of the most principal elements to managing your back pain could be the use of special and gentle movement-based exercise aimed at helping your spine function in a better way releasing areas of stiffness and tension.

Many people believe they cannot exercise with a bad back, this is rarely the case.

What is important is that a full assessment is conducted and exercise or movements that are recommended or started at the right level for your condition.

I have been working with clients with back pain, sometimes alongside our osteopath, for over 15 years. I use gentle movements to mobilise the spine and look at correcting muscle imbalances. This helps with mobility and posture to reduce back pain. I have seen impressive results with clients with  many now able to manage their condition and get on with living their lives.

I never seem to have time to exercise.

You do not need lots of time. With the right exercises or movement patterns even 10 minutes a day can make a difference. My own mum started doing some daily exercises at the age of 83 and has massively reduced her hip and back pain.

Don’t just take my word for it checkout what NICE guidelines (National Institute for Clinical Excellence) say on the management of non-specific lower back pain at Have a look at the recommendation for the use of exercise in managing lower back pain.

We are here to help

If you would like to discuss if we could help with your back pain, then simply phone 01565 625800 or email or go to our book appointment page and book in for your first Backcare consultation. Please note you will need to register for our services on the website to book your appointment.

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