Body Massage

Body Massage at Elite Health Knutsford Cheshire

Body massage is suitable for individuals looking to address their work life balance, may help to address any health issues and can also be used to provide deep relaxation.

The treatments are very personal to the individual with all our therapists providing body massage being qualified sports therapists. This means they can provide an overall body massage to legs, arms, back, shoulders and neck or focus on any of these areas that need particular attention.


Body Massage

How often do you get to really relax? 

This will suit the person looking to address their work-life balance and refresh themselves.  It also assists the person who wants to incorporate Body Massage into an overall health programme.

This is a deep massage treatment which aims to promote relaxation throughout the whole body. Releasing muscle tension can help mitigate the everyday wear and tear on our system, bringing about a sense of relief and well being. Deep body massage can help through the stimulation of the immune system and by helping to eliminate toxins from your body. Gentle background music plays as you release your mind from pressure and begin to enjoy a state of deep relaxation.



Treatment of 50 minutes